Thursday, July 28, 2011

I have a Winner!

First time I have ever used Random Generator I think ;)

Tried to think of any significance #39 has in my life--- couldn't come up with one! But will have some significance to Jen Pierce!

Jen- send me your address, email and other contact info and we will get you your new Wood Veneer Asterisks and Kraft Star Stickers!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CHA and Studio Calico!

I had a major scrapbook dream of mine come true a month or so ago when I took a "behind the scenes" role with the most amazing company- Studio Calico. Everything about SC, from the incredible owners April & Greg, to the on site staff in Kentucky, the uber talented Design Team, and most importantly all the sassy, outgoing, friendly, creative members of the SC online community is just tops in this crazy industry! The last 7 or so weeks have been a whirlwind... talk about baptism by fire- jumping in right at the start of CHA prep, but what a time to jump in with the launch of three brand new lines- Autumn Press, Memoir and Classic Calico! I am in LOVE with each and everyone of these lines! By the time you get to my blog you have probably seen all the awesome things the DT did with the new products! I am guessing you can't wait to get your hands on it! Well as I was viewing all the projects as they were coming in I realized that I had to play a little myself, and when we realized that most of the journals were either blue or yellow it was the perfect excuse for me to make something too!

So how in love with the new journals are you? OK- I will admit it, I was a little intimidated by having to bind it myself at first... I was going to take the easy way out and just use binder rings, but I really wanted to use the herringbone fabrip (one of my top 10 pieces from the release) from the Classic Calico Line... so the novice book binder in me armed with some instructions from April tackled the book binding, and was it ever EASY! Maybe even easier than binder rings ;)

So... here is my journal... just a little sketchbook to keep inspiration, sketches, ideas in!

Now for the rest of the products in my top 10 from the new release...
I consider these all MUST HAVES:

10. 6x6 paper pads- OK I know this is cheating since there are 3 - but love small scale print of patterns!
9. Teal label stickers - love the new texture- so easy to write on!
8.Houndstooth Background Stamp
7. Woodgrain journal
6. Memoir Scrap Pads- Love the pop of red with the talk bubble
5. Star & Focal Point Papers from Classic Calico (especially the B sides!
4. Autumn Press Die Cut Tags
3. FabRips from Classic Calico Collection (perfect grey herringbone)
2. Kraft Star Stickers- I have yet to meet a star I didn't love!
and drum roll please.....
1. Wood Veneer Asterisks---- I think I might need to buy a gazillion of these!

So, here is your chance to win it before you can buy it ;) I am going to give away my top 2 items- the Kraft Star Stickers and Wood Veneer Asterisks... All you have to do is leave a comment on this post between now and 10:00 pm EST tomorrow (Wed.) I will then draw a winner and post on Thursday!

Oh I have to add in that while I PROMISE we will get you your prize if you are the winner we are still waiting for some of it to arrive at the barn, so be patient with us, it may take a few days to get it on its way to you!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How many times?

are you legally allowed to post... I have been so busy I haven't had time to blog!
Because I think that I have passed the legal limit and should be prohibited from being a blogger!

Anyway---- as I sit here and start thinking about ALL I WANT to share on the blog I also see this very daunting to do list staring me right in the face- hanging right above my computer monitor. BUT, good news is, I have crossing off quite a few things over the last few weeks off that to do list and I can see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnell!

So instead of a real blog post you get a... Hey I created this layout and I don't have time to post much else so I will post it on my poor neglected blog! Hopefully I will get back and blog before it is actually Halloween!

This past Halloween- that is Jake as Pauly D- {he does NOT look good with dark hair} and my little nephew Clay - and YES those are his real abs- it is a total freak of nature type thing... my sister {Clay's mom} and I know for SURE that he did not get them from our side of the gene pool! They actually had another friend- another guy friend who was going to dress up as Snookie, but after a heartbreaking loss in the semi final football game earlier that day he just wasn't up to it... although Jake loves his sports, and football especially- he didn't love it enough to mourn the loss by giving up a chance for pillowcases full of free candy!