Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Days...

just don't go as planned!

This is one of those days!

Nothing major, just a little pain in the *&^(@%$% here and there...

A few difficult meetings at work...

Jake's facebook page sent out a virus that ended up infecting my mom's computer...

Eli had a major meltdown because we weren't taking Brody to his soccer practice (Oh, I haven't introduced Brody yet--- sounds like a post for tomorrow)

I was a bad mom as I let Eli ride in the back of the van as we drove through the neighborhood...this was a MAJOR meltdown!

I had to threaten giving Brody away (which we won't do) to get him OUT of the back of the van!

When we got to soccer it took Kenny and I BOTH to get Eli out of the car- OK, another bad mom moment, I should have let him not go to soccer- but his friend who is new to the team- and knows NO ONE other than Eli was there and it wouldn't have been good to make him be there alone!

As a result, Jake was 35 minutes late to lacrosse practice

As a result I missed yoga class

so... I went to Staples to buy printer ink so I could finish up a layout that needed to be done tonight- but forgot my listing of cartridges I needed- this was however rescued after about 15 minutes of me kicking myself when I thought to ask if they could look it up using my Staples rewards card... :)

as a result I just don't have the energy to finish up the layout I needed to get done, so taking a "pass" when I didn't really want to take a pass!

Still have to finish packing Jake up to head to Florida for Spring Break... WITHOUT ME!!!

ETA- AND... Kenny just came up with Eli's breakfast plate in his hand... and his medicine (ADHD) still on the plate--- ummm that explains a few things!

But at least tomorrow is Friday, the UK Wildcats are playing in the Final 4 on Saturday, we are suprising Eli with tickets to the Circus on Sunday... and we will have a week off of all the running we do to get Jake to track, soccer and lacrosse practice each night... so things have to be getting better!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A look inside my {very messy} office...

If you want to see what it SHOULD look like check out the link over to the right... but THIS is what it looks like right now... actually, this isn't what it looks like right now, this is what it looked like about a week and a half ago... right now, well let's just say that it looks like this has exploded even more! I would be happy if it looked like this... but you can learn alot about me from this picture.

1. I pulled this bin out- along with a few dozen others- because I couldn't find the power cord to my slice... and I wanted to use it to create cute little labels for the candy jars and other items that I was using for a candy bar at a baby shower I was hosting... I couldn't find the power cord so instead I cut all of them by hand!

2. This is the bag where I packed up a bunch of my crafty supplies to take with me to the baby shower- has been tripped over a few dozen times since, but has not been unpacked!

3. Here are all the bottles of mist--- Studio Calico Mister Huey---- that I own... I bought these at CKC-Louisville where I spent Friday night hanging out with April, Kelly P, Nic, Lori and Greg.... we went to eat at a great restaurant--- Proof on Main, a VERY fun dinner- Bedazzled Limos, Penguins, Bison Burger and all! Need to get some pics from Kelly! And then I decided to take Eli back the next morning to meet the gang... could have spent all of those hours cleaning this mess, but would have much rather been hanging out with those gals (and guy!)

4. Proof (and not the restaurant this time) that Eli has been in my office... he ALWAYS pulls the orange ribbon out, no sooner than I get it rolled up, he has it back down... and oh... at the end of that ribbon, a basket of magazines, and guess what I found under those magazines about a week after the shower???? Yep- my Slice power cord!

5. Target- I LOVE Target... just thought I would throw that in there, I am sure that bag is from a visit where I dropped at least $100 and bought several things that I really really NEED!

6. Oh wait... here is one of those things that I really really NEED... Fish Oil tablets... I think I must have read over the past few months these are good for you???? So I saw some and bought them... the bottle hasn't moved off my desk and I haven't taken one yet!

7. Oh--- lots of new scrapping goodies, from American Crafts, Jillibean Soup and Studio Calico... can't wait to dig into these and start playing... but they still sit right there right now! What a shame!

8. OK seriously... that is just NOT RIGHT... a little embarrased... I think the dust might have been a good foot thick...that I HAVE taken care of!

9. New ink for my printer... but- now that my room has exploded even more I can't find this box anywhere... and it was RIGHT THERE... and now my printer is SO out of cyan blue I can't even print! And I really don't want to go drop another bundle of cash on another set of cartridges!

10. Oh- and a tiny bit of proof that I have gotten some work done... my projects for the April Jillibean Soup Blog--- can you see them? Under all the piles of stuff!

So if you ever think that I have everything all together and that my office is as immaculate as the one you see in the tour on the right then just remember this post!

Oh, and I need a winner from my followers don't I???? Yelling right now... "Jake- pick a number between 1 and 15" .... and the answer is 12 (ummmm his favorite number!) so who is number 12 in my followers list???? Vicki Dalton :) well in the list as I see it.... so Vicki, I will be contacting you soon to send you a little fun package of goodies!

Have a happy day!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Is it Wednesday Already

Ooops, I missed my Tuesday announcement for the winners... better late than never right...
Drumroll please... and the winners are:

Erica and Lisa send me an email with your contact information and I will have some AC goody packs on the way to you shortly...

Hope everyone had fun on the blog hop! Overwhelmingly Thickers are your favorite AC product... good choice--- here is a layout of mine I did gosh probably almost 2 years ago... super super simple layout using LOTS of Thickers!- Plus, Eli needed equal face time on the blog since the first layout I posted was about Jake ;)

And just 'cause I like doing givewaways... and love that so many people love AC products I am going to do another giveaway :) I will choose from all my blog followers to win another AC goody pack. Will draw on Friday March 25, let's say at.... 1:00 EST.... (again, sorry but only open to continental US mailing addresses!)

Have a great day!
Shannon Z.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Photo Strips

A few weeks ago I was the guest blogger for BHG Scrapbooks Etc. As I started out my blog... "If you would have asked me last year if I would be able to resize photos and create photo strips all by myself I would have thought you were delusional.."

Now it has become one of my go to page designs, and let me tell you, if you are going to a crop printing off pictures like this ahead of time is such a great way to get a lot of scrapping done. Check out the blog post here to get details on how to do this... and TRUST me, it is easy!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hoppity Hop!

Sounds more like a title for an Easter blog post and not a St. Patty's day one ;) but I am participating in an American Crafts Blog Hop- hence the title! Hopefully you have had some fun working your way through all the amazing creations of the super talented AC DT blogs and learned a little about some of the Design Teams favorite products. One of the things I LOVE so much about AC products is the diversity of the line- there is something for everyone! And narrowing down a favorite product is next to impossible for me... So I thought I would showcase several of my favorite products on this layout!

Supplies: Patterned Paper: Peachy Keen/No Sweat (grey dot), Peachy Keen, Easy Peasy (yellow dot used on heart), Campy Trails/Big Pine Creek (orange dot strip), Campy Trails/ Sweetwater Cabin (striped strip) Thickers: Doll/Waterfall, Borders: Campy Trails, Elements: Buttons/Campy Trails, Buttons/Peachy Keen, Remarks Sticker Book: Peachy Keen/Super Swell, Sotheby's Stickers, Other: inks, Precision Pen .03.

First, the Peachy Keen and Campy Trails lines are two of my all time favorites! And I am a sucker for grey... and the No Sweat patterned paper that I used as the base for this layout I think I am going to need a few dozen pieces of to keep me stocked up!

Another new favorite are the small tear off strips on many of the patterned papers. Both the orange dot and stripes are the edge strips from pieces of paper- what a great way to use previously throw away real estate! And if you know my style of scrapping I CONSTANTLY use very small pieces of paper!

And, well most AC fans are fans of Thickers... the Doll Thickers are the latest addition to a line of amazing letters! The texture and font are just perfect!!!!

Oh- and I can't finish a layout without some AC buttons,Sotheby's stickers and some handwrittedn journaling using the Precision Pen .03 in black!

So- now it is your turn, leave me a comment and tell me your favorite AC product, new or old and I will let each of my boys pick a winner to receive an AC goody package from me! So that means 2 lucky winners! All comments on this post prior to 10 pm EST Monday March 21, 2011 will be eligible! And check back here on Tuesday March 22 to see who the winner is! Oh- and you must live in Continental US to win...

Don't stop your hopping here... hop over to the uber talented Susan Weinroth's blog at to see what she has in store for you!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Here We Go Again

So, I have been absent from the blogging world for a while- I let my typepad "membership" expire and just never got around to renewing it.... and recently I have had the urge to blog here and there, so I thought I would set up a blogger account and see where it takes me. You can visit my previous blog at I have some work to do on the blog- not quite up to what I want it to be yet, but tomorrow am participating a blog hop so nothing like getting it up and running just in time! And I preach to Jake (my almost 13 year old--- Ouch, that hurts to type) to not procrastinate... guess I should listen to my own lectures!