Thursday, March 31, 2011

Some Days...

just don't go as planned!

This is one of those days!

Nothing major, just a little pain in the *&^(@%$% here and there...

A few difficult meetings at work...

Jake's facebook page sent out a virus that ended up infecting my mom's computer...

Eli had a major meltdown because we weren't taking Brody to his soccer practice (Oh, I haven't introduced Brody yet--- sounds like a post for tomorrow)

I was a bad mom as I let Eli ride in the back of the van as we drove through the neighborhood...this was a MAJOR meltdown!

I had to threaten giving Brody away (which we won't do) to get him OUT of the back of the van!

When we got to soccer it took Kenny and I BOTH to get Eli out of the car- OK, another bad mom moment, I should have let him not go to soccer- but his friend who is new to the team- and knows NO ONE other than Eli was there and it wouldn't have been good to make him be there alone!

As a result, Jake was 35 minutes late to lacrosse practice

As a result I missed yoga class

so... I went to Staples to buy printer ink so I could finish up a layout that needed to be done tonight- but forgot my listing of cartridges I needed- this was however rescued after about 15 minutes of me kicking myself when I thought to ask if they could look it up using my Staples rewards card... :)

as a result I just don't have the energy to finish up the layout I needed to get done, so taking a "pass" when I didn't really want to take a pass!

Still have to finish packing Jake up to head to Florida for Spring Break... WITHOUT ME!!!

ETA- AND... Kenny just came up with Eli's breakfast plate in his hand... and his medicine (ADHD) still on the plate--- ummm that explains a few things!

But at least tomorrow is Friday, the UK Wildcats are playing in the Final 4 on Saturday, we are suprising Eli with tickets to the Circus on Sunday... and we will have a week off of all the running we do to get Jake to track, soccer and lacrosse practice each night... so things have to be getting better!

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  1. awww sorry you had a day.... and i totally relate to your scrap room- especially your desk! LOL!