Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weather Man

Eli is our little weather fanatic- he loves to watch the weather channel, and is contstantly updating us on the status of the weather- "Mom it is raining" has been uttered more times than any of us care to have heard this spring! He actually loves thunderstorms and to sit and watch the lightning and listen for the thunder!

Today is the anniversary of when we boarded the plane headed for the Ukraine- 5/22/2007 - to adopt this precious little boy. I ask him if he liked thunderstorms when he was in the doma (Ukrainian for orphanage) and he tells me he liked to sit by the window there too! I think maybe it was a little calm in his world at the time!

If you want to read about our adventure in the Ukraine you can visit the blog we kept from that time HERE. Can't believe it has already been 4 years... CA- RAZY! As I often say- I am so glad I never decided "not to adopt" because I never really decided to- my husband did- I just never decided not to! Best decision I never made!


  1. What a delightful page creation!

    I just discovered your blog and am now a follower. So very nice to meet you! Stop by my blog sometime soon and give me a shout out!

  2. Reminds me of when I was in Kindergarten---everyone got to pick a 'job' for the day. I always wanted to be the weather man---you got to draw the weather on the chalkboard--I thougt that was so cool